The FZ has for long been a street dream. The Yamaha series of the latest 250 cc launched in the January of 2017 created quite the buzz. It is Yamaha’s mid class affordable street fighter and is branded as the FZ25. My first time review had me pick up the bike from Perfect Riders dealership in Lalbagh road and the ride back to office at MG road was a bundle of surprises.


Looking at the competition, among the 11 bikes launched by KTM and Bajaj, and they still failed to  steal the thunder from the FZ25. That again down to two facts, its a 250cc from Yamaha which you can buy at Rs 1.2 lakhs only (Ex-showroom Price).

 Yamaha FZ25 250 cc price

so,  How did they do it?

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249cc. 20.5 horses. 20NM. and just a 148kgs.

0-60 in 3.37 sec and 0-100 in 8.58 seconds(Vbox tested) is as sweet as they come. Thought it would be close to a Duke 200 actually it a more closer to a Duke 250. This is what was missing in the second generation of the FZs , the soul and vigor of the original FZ that was lost in the pursuit of better fuel economy. The Yamaha FZ25 is a whole different story all together.

The experience is much more engaging for the beast torque which kicks in as early and the 46 T sprocket on the back just like the Duke 250 and the throttle response is next to perfection.

The brakes could have been a little better with a little more fight just like the progression and feedback they provide and it does so while bettering other bikes in this segment when it comes to refinement and comfort. The pegs and the bar do come alive when you hit 7000 RPM but that’s just a 1000 RPM before you hit peak power and below that, this engine is a peace to ride. The counter balance ensures the bike revs smoothly and swiftly and also the gear box comes into its own as you start adding more kilometers. The FZ can definitely handle the heat better than me, the oil coolers do an amazing job, there is very little heat coming onto your legs, its a sweet combination of refined and excitingly made for  a brilliant city bike and has all the ingredients to play with the highway.

FZ25 Ergonomics, weight, mileage and more

The ergonomics are stylish and upright, the seats are flat, wide, and well cushioned. You can comfortably cruise at 115Km/h with minimum vibration. and the 14 liter tank being the biggest in the segment and Yamaha’s Blue Core technology that has given a fuel economy of 33Km/liter despite me going full throttle.

It sure misses out on better wind protection, gear indicator and the ABS which is a trump card of the RTR 200 in this price segment. It takes on the same suspension from the FZ-S and same size forks despite being 16 Kgs heavier. Its a little too harsh for these bad roads and a little too soft for spirited riding.

The Verdict

Agile it is, but not crafted for carving corners with its front set foot pegs and flat profile tires and that’s actually alright because Yamaha never intended to take the fight to the RTR 200 or the Duke by playing the sport card, instead this is  Yamaha’s version of a smaller and more affordable Dominar with more emphasis on comfort and ride-ability in the city and long legs for the highways, hence the SOHC set up, two valves , 5 speed transmission and the oil cooling to keep the cost low while still delivering solid performance with modern styling and at a price which is too good to be true.(Ex-showroom 1,19,500/-)

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Activa Cng Cost in India Is Wrong 

One of the most affordable means of transportation today is a scooter. There are some buyers who ride their scooters a lot and need a more affordable option. For them, there are CNG scooter kits for two wheelers, more specifically scooters. We have test riden the Honda Activa CNG very recently. This came with a Lovato CNG kit for scooter. It isn’t just restricted to the Activa but it is made available for any and all kinds of scooters. The list of scooters is very long.


Lovato isn’t the only manufacturer that has a CNG scooter and there are a few more players that offer CNG kits for scooter, and many of them. There aren’t available as a factory fitted option and are made available as an after market option. It is available in the market and the dealer will do the fitting for you on your Activa or any other scooter that you possess.


The Honda Activa CNG that we rode was borrowed from Lovato. The company offered us one of their test scooters. We will try to review other CNG kits also that are available in the market. For that we will require some more time.

Honda Activa CNG Design

There is no change in the design of the scooter and it looks the same. As this was a scooter from the brand, they had stuck multiple branding of it. The green colour you see in the images is that of the scooter but it is all stickering job from Lovato. For a regular buyer, it will not be done. Your original scooter colour will be retained. The Activa CNG will at the most get a CNG badge, if you wish to add that. There shall be no other difference in the Honda Activa CNG scooter.

The Honda Activa that we rode was borrowed from Lovato. The scooter has everything intact at the same place. The under seat storage is now smaller as the CNG kit meters are placed under the seat. The CNG kits are placed underneath the handlebar. There are two small tanks that are fitted there. Each one houses 1 kilo of CNG in it. That totals to 2 kilograms of CNG. Each kilo will go up to 60 kilometres. This makes the total range to 120 kilometres.

Honda Activa CNG Video Review


We have also shot a video of the Honda Activa CNG Review. If you wish to see the video review, click on the video image to play it. Or you can even visit our YouTube.com/MotorOctane for the video if needed.

Honda Activa CNG Scooter Price in India

CNG Kit for Two Wheelers


MRPINR 15,000

As CNG is more affordable, the running cost of the Activa CNG scooter will be lower. The CNG Activa‘s price hasn’t been disclosed yet. These will be made by an Iranian CNG kitmanufacturer in Pune. This will be approved by the ARAI. At the moment, it is a bit too early to state the exact price of the kit.  In the next 15 days, we shall be sharing the official Activa CNG kit pricing. This kit is sold by Lovato and it is priced at INR 15,000. Both the brands are selling their scooter CNG kits for Rs 15,000 approximately.


The CNG kits are approved by the government, as they have been certified by ARAI (Automotive Reseach Authority of India). The kit consists of two cylinders that can each have 1 kg of CNG in it. The total range of the CNG scooter kit for Activa is 120 kms.

The Honda Activa CNG is exactly like the regular Activa. The scooter showcased in the images is green and white, however in reality there won’t be any differences in the design. The Activa 3G will be made available in the same colours and design. The features too will remain the same. All you have to do is get an aftermarket fitment done. The space for your knees reduces as the tanks are fitted there.

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Honda Activa CNG Performance

There is a difference in the performance. The CNG scooter isn’t as quick as the normal Activa and so it is a bit of difficult to overtake. One can comfortably cruise but to overtake it does need planning. At the same time, the front end of the scooter becomes heavy, so to turn at low speeds and even handling is affected with the CNG kit. This makes the scooter go a tad slower and affect its handling also. Making fast turns is difficult as the scooter isn’t fast and then even if you gather speed, you will loose balance as the front is heavy with the cylinders.

Honda Activa CNG scooter Mileage

Honda Activa CNG Mileage


Activa CNG80 km/kg

The Honda Activa 3G that runs on petrol returns around 50 km/l. The running cost of petrol Activa is INR 1.3 per km in Delhi. While on Honda Activa CNG it will be 61p. the staff at Domino’s have got these scooters for their feedback and this is free of cost. The Activa will run for 120kms with the 1.2 kg tank. The running cost of the Activa CNG is much lesser as CNG is cheaper. There will be two cylinders on the scooter, each will have 0.6 kilogram capacity. This is so cheap.


Lovato CNG Kit for scooters is safe?

The testing has been fine. The ARAI has passed it and so it is getting into real world testing. All the kits that will be sold shall be approved by the ARAI itself. Honda Activa CNG is now on sale, not directly. The Honda Activa 3G can be bought through a dealer and CNG kit can be fitted on it. The Honda Activa CNG will be a great value for money scooter. It is safe enough, there is not much of an issue with the scooter and it seems to be well insulated. So there isn’t a major issue with this.

Other scooters with CNG:

Hero Duet

Mahindra Gusto and Gusto 125

Hero Maestro Edge

Suzuki Let’s

Hero Pleasure

Yamaha Ray

Honda Dio

Mahindra Duro

Suzuki Access

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Suzuki Swish

TVS Jupiter

TVS Scooty Zest

Vespa 125cc

Yamaha Alpha

Yamaha Fascino

Honda Activa 3G

  • Design
  • Performance


Honda Activa CNG is a good option only if you have a lot of riding to do. Else, the regular scooter is good enough for daily commute.